notes from pittsburgh containing opinions

ostrich epistemology

practical epistemology

*Learning* involves *thinking*; its whetstone is *reasoning*; it requires intellectual *humility*, not arrogance. Learning, thinking, reasoning, and humility currently are in short supply, I assert, in this brief essay.

death to honor and remember

ancient Greeks
Memorial Day

Why have a Memorial Day?

a bunch of sun flung at the earth?

solar storms
electric power grid
disaster preparation

Serious scientists can barely stir a yawn from the public, legislators, and polkicy-makers when in discussions about preparations for and consequences of severe solar events...published in 2009

reading Moby-Dick

Moby Dick

Advice for any young person required to read Moby-Dick...written in 2006

leave it at the stream

losing regret

A lesson about staying in the present from Marshall Goldsmith...written in 2006

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notes from pittsburgh containing opinions

The opinions in these NOTES are mine on the day I wrote them. Do I believe my own opinions now? Maybe. Did I believe them on the day I wrote them? Maybe. Sometimes I wrote these opinions to road test an argument or to follow a thread of thought. These opinions are not research papers, Information is cited lightly and sometimes one-sidedly. Look, I am just taking them out for a test ride. Write your own posting, respond to mine, or just walk on to Starbucks.