My NOTES originate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I have lived since 2020. I was a professor at Penn State for 41 years and in higher education for 51 years. Additional details about my background, experiences, and accomplishments are available elsewhere.

how these NOTES are rendered

I write and code these NOTES in RMarkdown syntax in RStudio using blogging tools provided in the R programming package titled distill. I render the blog in html from the RMarkdown code. Then, I push the html to my GitHub account, from which it is served publicly through the domain name, davidpassmore.github.io/blog/. I do not implement cookies and other tracking tools with this blog site, except to count user visits through Google Analytics.

what’s here?

These NOTES span topics that reflect the range of ideas, learnings, and challenges that I encounter daily as I sit at a table with my computers in front of large windows that look over trees, birds, and daily neighborhood activities from our 4th-floor condo in the Shadyside neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

Motivating these NOTES is, of course, a hope to engage with others. But, perhaps more primary is the need for clarify meanings I attach to my perceptions of events, activities, and experiences. After all, as E. M. Forster, English fiction writer, essayist and librettist, reputedly once wrote, “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?”

I ran a blog at the now out-of-service domain, motime.com, during the early 2000s. I retrieved some of my longer postings to this former blog from The Wayback Machine at https://archive.org. I re-posted a few of these essays here as NOTES’ postings.

how I engage

I live my life as a retired person.

I rise at 4:00 am daily. Early rising is not my attempt to follow some monastic way. No, see it as a quiet time, an opportunity to organize and prepare, and a chance to have a few accomplishments before the rest of the world starts moving. I meet over my cup of morning coffee with long-time friends on a Zoom meeting from 6:30 to 7:30 am on Mondays through Saturdays.

I spend the remainder of my time on most days on projects selected from too many to do. Sometimes I hold video conferences with friends and collaborators worldwide to gain insights into issues and solutions to problems. I swim almost daily at the wonderful pool at the Squirrel Hill Jewish Community Center in Pittsburgh, that is so close to Mr. Fred Rogers’ former residence. It is good to be in the neighborhood.

In brief, my role is to sail where the wind takes me. Sometimes that causes me to sail close to shore and, at others, to strike off on a reach across the scudding waves. Who doth ambition shun and loves to live in the sun….1

contacts with me

Friends, I am similar to a gated community.

Send an email to me using the email address: dlp AT davidpassmore dot net. I take iMsgs and SMS messages at dlp@psu.edu. My Twitter handle is @DLPPassmore, where I am available publicly. I also run Slack teams for my former students and family. In these student and family teams, I typically am available instantly.

Although I have placeholder accounts on many social media apps, I do not do in any depth the FaceBooks or the LinkedIns like the kids do. So, not much of me is available on those apps.

The telephone? Nah. I seldom pick up, except for family or for calls from close associates. Calling me without leaving a message results in number blocking.2 I do use Instagram, but I am only deeply hidden and accessible by family.

I live in a secure building. So, instead of making direct threats to me face-to-face, post any expressions of unhappiness and ill-will to me via email or Twitter, where I will incorporate good ideas3 into my life flow. Or, instead, I will press flush and exhaust you to float into the vast plasma and on to the cold, dark corners of my universe.


Last updated on

[1] "2022-07-05 15:06:57 EDT"

  1. Willy the Shake, As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 5↩︎

  2. Please note: my car warranty is as I like it; my grandchildren do not require me to bail them out of jail; the Internal Revenue Service is not trying to reach me urgently; I will never own a timeshare, nor, I guarantee, would you want me to.↩︎

  3. even those ideas I never considered or initially might seem out-of-sync with my settled patterns↩︎